Italy 2024

Summer film camp at Lake Garda for kids 11-17 y.o.

Maksatics Camp is a unique place of unlimited possibilities for multilateral personal development, a happy place everyone wants to return to again and again. This summer at Lake Garda in the ancient guesthouse “El Carmine”.

This is the territory of freedom and joy, where any creative idea is possible, every day is an adventure; where knowledge meets imagination, where friendship, support and understanding mean the world to everyone.

The outcome of the term will be:
up to 3 films
1 cartoon
Journey to Felicity

Lake Garda hotel:

Casa per Ferie Al Carmine


11 – 17 y.o.

14 days

€ 2,570

“Journey to Felicity – 1”
27 July- 10 August
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“Journey to Felicity – 2”
11 August – 25 August
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5% discount for returning campers. 10% discount when you book two terms
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What’s included
Communication with peers and adults is an important part of a child’s socialization and maturation. We have thought through all the details to make the holiday safe and exciting.
  • Maksatics’ brand t-shirts
  • 14-day activity programme
  • 4 age groups (up to 16 people) with 2 teachers each
  • Photography, video and special equipment for filming
  • Well-balanced daily schedule that includes beach time and afternoon siesta
  • Sports activities
  • Detailed photo video report
  • Three meals a day
  • Assistance in arranging transfers from the airport to the hotel and back
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for international travel, including plane tickets
  • Accommodation in rooms with all amenities for 2−3 people per room
  • Two excursions and walking tours
Instead of gadgets and boredom your child will receive an unforgettable experience, new knowledge and skills!
Our Programme
A two-week programme full of interactive, creative and skill-building activities, as well as expert workshops and classes, helps your children gain knowledge and confidence, think outside the box and uncover talents.
Filmmaking includes a large number of different processes, so everyone finds something to their liking:
  • Film art workshop, script writing, and animation studio
  • Acting and performance classes
  • Studying the basic principles of directing :
    working on the set, working with the script, principles of working with actors and interaction with other participants in the filming process
  • Cameraman and lights master classes:
    The basic principles of working with a camera, light, and editing can be tried in the operator’s workshop
  • Sound production and sound engineering:
    sound recording on site, dubbing of actors, dubbing, using a “sound library”
By the end of the terms children will have created three short movies and one animated film
  • Singing concerts & beach karaoke
  • Talent shows & dance battles
  • Theatrical staging
  • Fancy foam parties & costume discos
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Team games and quests
  • Sports games with the terrain orientation
  • Morning training in the form of dance and exercises
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Lago di Garda, Italy
Casa per Ferie Al Carmine

Lake Garda nestled between Venice and Milan, 50 km from Verona Airport.

Accommodation is in the ancient guesthouse “El Carmine”, located on the territory of the 15th-century cathedral Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, 10 minutes from the shore of Lago di Garda.

2-3 people per room with all amenities. 3 meals a day. Italian eco-cuisine

Additional charges:
  • Airfare
  • Group/individual transfer to the program venue and back
  • Visa and consular fees
  • Child health insurance (EU)
  • All additional services in the boarding house and beyond
  • All teachers have been thoroughly vetted, have DBS check certificates, and have passed the first aid training for children, for which there is a certificate called First Aid Paediatric.
  • Group chaperones can be provided on request for an extra charge and subject to availability.
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