A mixture of a friendly and joyful atmosphere, expert guidance, beautiful nature and comfortable accommodation becomes an ideal environment for children to discover their talents, unleash creativity, and find true friends.
What children and parents say

Therefore, if you are planning summer leisure activities for your child? Don’t know how to tear him away from gadgets during the holidays? Does your development require new activities and entertainment besides spending time with your grandma? Are you very sociable, love new acquaintances and are always at the centre of all parties? Or, on the contrary, you are an introvert and require special treatment and like-minded friends? Does your child love to create and be creative, or, on the contrary, has not yet decided on his aspiration?Then you are at Maksatics Camp!And you will definitely need a schedule of all Maksatics’ shifts for the coming year 😄 because you’ll want to grow and develop further after each season spent there!!!👍😂🤣

Maksatics camp is a place where dreams come true.

Unique terms, creative and understanding teachers and counsellors are just a small part of what the camp gives to children. Every child meets new, incredible friends, receives a lot of positive emotions, develops, discovers a lot of new and interesting things in himself, and most importantly, immerses himself in the world of cinema!

In 2014, I went to Maksatics Camp for the first time. If I only knew how much it would affect my life.
This place helps you overcome yourself; you stop having stage fright, learn to reason and form thoughts, and, most importantly, you begin to develop creative thinking. And most importantly, there is a competitive part in the camp, whether it is voting for the best film or a sporting event; this is a significant incentive to work tirelessly to become the best among the best. Italian shifts are real 🔥

Yulia, thank you very much for creating this wonderful camp. I am very glad that it destroyed the stereotypes of not only my family but other families, too.Thanks to you, I met some very cool people with whom I have kept in touch since. Not only did I develop creatively, but I also learned something new. You allowed me to open up and become who I am now! I would especially like to say thank you to our counsellors and teachers. Without them, this cool and creative atmosphere would not exist.❤️

Maksatics camp is not just a camp. This is a family.Personally, I came here as a very little girl who didn’t know what she wanted to do in life and just loved to have fun. In Maksatics I received both entertainment and life lessons. Communication with older children greatly benefited my growth as a person, and all the teachers and counsellors became like parents to us. In Maksatics you not only develop yourself in different activities (creative, business, finance) but also find a lot of friends and acquaintances. The theme of cinema unites everyone into a single whole. Throughout each term, everyone works on joint projects, and this brings great team spirit.

Maksatics Camp is an incredibly heartwarming place. Here, everyone can find something to their liking that they cannot just try in life outside the camp. a kind and friendly atmosphere helps children feel at ease literally from the first days of their term. Every day is full of exciting events. Each squad is a small family where the child will always be supported and heard.Maksatics gives children new friends, a handful of memories, a desire to create and return to camp again and again.

My favourite Maksatics camp cannot be described in two sentences. It gives children a space for imagination, the happiness of being accepted, activity and enthusiasm, the joy of communicating in their native language, filming in incredible locations, the warmth of friends’ smiles and the support of counsellors, sunrises and sunsets with like-minded people.

This experience is invaluable to my Maxim because Maksatics camp’s world is the world that can only be in a movie, only in a fairy tale, but also in the real world; our children need to be part of something bigger than themselves, part of a big dream!

Maksatics is a whole separate world that allows children to realize their desires in the field of filmmaking and learn something new. Usually there are a lot of interesting people there, and I personally met all my best friends there))
Maksatics is very atmospheric; there is no Internet, but you can breathe in the forest air and take a break from life on the Internet.
You don’t get bored – every day there are filming, events, games, and much more. The advantage is that you can choose.
Also, what children really love is discos. I personally am not a fan, but for many, it is very important, so I consider it a huge plus)

For me, the camp is a place of power that I want to return to again and again.The camp is my second home because, for 13 years, I found myself in this fabulous place every summer, first as a participant and now as a counsellor! I grew up in Maksatics Camp, and all this time I watched it grow, become stronger and cosier thanks to the ideas and creativity of the kids. The camp is a family where you will be accepted and loved! And children will always teach you something new, which you will remember even when the shift is over. I am happy that I once found myself in this amazing place in which everyone puts a piece of their soul!

Coming programmes 2024
“Journey to Felicity”
Lago di Garda, Italy
Casa per Ferie Al Carmine

Unforgettable summer on the shore of the largest Italian lake. Stunning scenery, beautiful medieval towns and cathedrals, beaches with intense blue water and an unmatched activity programme where everyone gets back to happiness.

Lake Garda hotel:

Casa per Ferie Al Carmine


11 – 17 y.o.

14 days

€ 2,570

“Journey to Felicity – 1”
27 July- 10 August
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“Journey to Felicity – 2”
11 August – 25 August
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