Previous Seasons at Maksatics

Cyprus 2023
“Let’s create miracles!”
Peace and Love Movie Makers Camp amid the beauty of North Cyprus is the best place in the world to enjoy the sun, sea, holiday, friends, favourite team leaders, and teachers.
Cyprus 2022
“Million Thoughts”
Under the slogan “Yes, we are the universe”, the hospitable atmosphere of Greek antic culture, the colourful nature of the Akamas Peninsula National Park, and a spectacular sunset on the beach with old and new friends, Maksatics Camp residents created films and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.
Cyprus 2021
“Celebration here and now”
Sun, Sea, August, Cyprus. Great company, favourite team leaders and teachers. Life is beautiful and full of wonders, especially when celebrated in the heart of ancient Greek culture, making films, meeting friends, being yourselves!
Italy 2019
“Life is a miracle”
“Amidst all the miracles of life, the most profound and cherished one is YOU. Only YOU possess the ability to perform extraordinary miracles, capable of bringing immense love and happiness to you and your loved ones.” – This idea became central during our summer in Italy, full of joy, laughter and, of course, filmmaking.
Italy 2018
“Follow your dreams”
Our passion lies in crafting unique experiences tailored for children, recognizing their desires and capabilities. Embraced by the richness of Italian culture, with the guidance of dedicated teachers and psychologists, kids unlock their inherent talents and witness the joyous fruits of their work and collaborative creativity.
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