Maksatics camp is a unique place where you always wish to return

Film camp programme balanced with various interactive creative and developing activities, professional workshops and courses.
The program runs in Russian language.

The ability to achieve the set goal

Autonomy in decision-making

Develop of imagination and creative skills

Teamwork and mutual assistance

Our History

Yulia Romanenkova, the creator of the concept of children's development through cinematography, guarantees the best holidays and the most vivid memories!

Maksatics camp international founded in 2014 as the first filmmaking residential holiday camp in UK.

> 800 children visited the camp
Most of the campers, as they got older, became the team leaders or film production instructors for children. > 38 terms
Maksatics camp has been running in the UK, Italy and Cyprus for the last 8 years
From inception to the present

> 60 short films

Have been created by children at Maksatics Camp International.

Awarded “Best Children’s Film” In 2016 Maksatics’ cartoon was awarded “Best Children’s Film” at the International Film Festival of Disability in Cannes.

Thousands of hours Have been watched on our YouTube channel.

What is unique about the camp

  1. In the creative process, children are partners and equal participants. Adults and children have equal rights, with the exception that adults are responsible for children.
  2. The theme of each term is unique and inimitable, reflecting the spirit of the time and cutting edge of relevance and popularity. The filming process is formed by a new algorithm, and the films produced by children correspond to the theme and differ in genres.
  3. In each term, the child learns to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, make new friends, learn practices of communication, and exercise independence and perseverance in order to achieve the goal.
  4. A well-balanced schedule of sports and creative activities, travel, and excursions.

Let’s build the story of our lives by making thousands of children happy!

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