Julia Romanenkova


Investment banker, private equity fund manager, independent Director of NBI investments Cyprus. Graduated from the State Financial Academy (86-91), Executive MBA program Chicago Booth University (2005-2007), mother of three children.

Nina Krasnoshapka

Actress, teacher, curator of creative programs

In the project Maksatikha Camp of the Russian Federation since 2014, since 2016 — creative director of international shifts in Italy and Cyprus.

Oleg Hill

Acting teacher, counselor

He was born in Riga, where he graduated from the theater school-studio with a degree in "actor". He received his second education in London, graduating from the Performing Arts Academy. For a long time he combined work in the theater, on the radio and in the cinema. Londoners are familiar as a radio host, an actor of the Xameleon theater and a host of various events.

Tanya Nayden

Portrait photographer

In London, I create studio photo portraits and from time to time shoot photo reports, including in difficult living conditions. I spend all my free time reading books, playing tennis, walking and gathering friends for board games. I love cooking and I do it fast and delicious. Everything is serious with our children, we study this huge, interesting and mysterious world together.

Egor Salnikov

The director of theater and cinema

Graduated from VGIK (2008, the course of A.S. Lenkov). Member of the Writers' Union.
Theatrical works:
Theater association ETHOS — "Be healthy, schoolboy" 2007.
Stanislavsky Theater — "Romeo and Juliet" 2008

‌ Works as a director, screenwriter, editor in the Russian children's movement of children and youth "Big Change", "Movement of the First"
Works as a teacher of acting and directing skills, as well as stage speech in children's camps Artek, Orlyonok, Alga (Kazan), Maksatikha (England, Italy, Cyprus, Tver, Udelnoye), Volga meetings (Cheboksary), etc.
Poet, three collections of poems ("My first restaurant", "In Cuba", "Dancing")

Katya Sysa

Theater and film actress

Participant of international theater festivals: Tallinn Treff festival (Estonia, Tallinn), Międzynarodowy Festival Szkół Lalek (Poland, Bialystok), Anima (Ukraine, Kharkiv), KuKart (Russia, St. Petersburg), Gaming Paradise, (Slovenia), etc.
Ideological inspirer, consultant, of urban projects: A Small Farm (Yalta 2012) and a City Farm at VDNH (Moscow 2015).
In the Maksatikha Camp project since 2014.

"I think that working with children makes the world a better place and I give a little bit of myself to every child I meet."

Anton Krainy

Theater and Film Actor

Education: ISI, workshop of E. V. Radomylensky.
Work experience: Theater and film actor From 2004 to the present, actor of the Jewish Theater "Shalom", theater projects at the Integration Center at the N.A. Ostrovsky Museums.
Hobbies: photography and travel (54 countries).
He has been working at the Maksatikha Camp film camp since 2016.

Wendy Rodriges

Sound engineer

"I am a Colombian sound engineer, sound designer and music producer with more than 8 years of experience in sound design and dubbing in film, television and advertising. I have worked in different countries, such as Colombia, Mexico and Russia. In my free time I do music under the pseudonym Wen Roca.
I consider myself a creative, responsible person, with a sense of belonging, striving for knowledge and innovation and having a great ability to establish interpersonal and working relationships."

Ksyusha Bashmakova

The cameraman

is a media artist, currently studying at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany.
As a media artist, Ksenia creates fascinating video and interactive installations that explore the boundaries of the cinema medium. She participated in many collective and personal exhibitions, demonstrating her talent and dedication. Her work often includes elements of visual poetry and video essays, offering viewers a mind-blowing and fascinating experience. Despite the difficulties faced by those who choose a career in art, Ksenia is eager to expand the boundaries of cinema and inspire others.

Daria Dementieva

Animator, artist, animation director

Estonian Academy of Arts (Animation direction)
SHAR Studio School (animation)
MGHPA im. Stroganova (monumental and decorative art)

She worked as an animator and supervisor at the studios "Soyuzmultfilm", "Petersburg", "Master-film", "SHAR", "Animos" and others.
Director of two original cartoons "Piano in the bushes" and "The Story of a bear, a monkey and a centipede", as well as the TV series "Ladushki"
She has been working at the Maksatikha Camp film camp since 2016.

Tatiana Somova

The actress of theater and cinema

Graduated from VGIK in 2011 (workshop of V.P.Fokin)
Is engaged in performances of the Theater on Serpukhovka, the Creative Association of the Room 4, the Trickster Theater.
Filmography: "Two hills", "Ivanko", "Odessa steamboat", "Senyafedya", "Fitness", etc.

Alexander Khiteev

The actor of theater and cinema

moved to Moscow in 2009. From 2010 to the present, he has been an actor of the troupe "Mouthpiece". From 2011 to 2019, he was an actor of the Bulgakov Theater.
Takes an active part in inclusive productions — these are performances for blind and visually impaired people.
Participates in the projects of the V.E. Meyerhold Center and the Snark Theater.

Semyon Filippov

Director of theater and cinema

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts in 2011 with a degree in drama theater director. Director with 12 years of experience. He has staged 15 performances with professional actors, more than 20 performances with children and teenagers, shot more than 30 short films in Russia, Italy, Cyprus since 2016 at Maksatics International Camp. He founded the independent theater troupe Rupor, was the artistic director of the largest children's theater studio.

Alexandra Chernomurova


Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2021, Higher School of Cultural Policy and Management in the Humanitarian Sphere).
Camp counselor since 2017. Since 2021, he has been working as an Art Director on shifts in Russia.
"I consider myself an artist. I love theater, cinema and everything that is created by hand. I grew up in an art environment where everyone can choose what they want to do and who they want to be. Because of this, I travel a lot, try different directions in my profession, and also work with children. They give me food for thought and energy for new ideas."

Alexander Sachkov

The artist of the musical, the choreographer

The artist of the ensemble of musicals: "Viy". "The Last Test", "Crystal Heart", "Why not?", "12 musicals", etc.
Choreographer-director of musicals: "Alice in Wonderland", "The Wizard of Oz" (Stas Namin's Theater of Music and Drama), as well as various projects.

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